Canmore Hikes

Canmore is the perfect base for hikers – tucked equidistant between the Kananaskis region and the Banff National Park. We’re going to focus on the impressive Kananaskis here, however – the mountains are grander, the valleys tighter and the scenery more dramatic than anywhere in the surrounding area. It’s also undiscovered by other tourists and it’s not uncommon to be the only person on some trails in shoulder season.

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The Canmore / Kananaskis region has a wide variety of hikes – ranging from expert level to family-friendly and all that’s in between. The trails in this region are also well suited to intermediate level hikers thanks to Highway #40 and the Smith Dorrien Trail, both high-elevation roads that make up for much of the heavy elevation gain.

#1. Burstall Pass (15km, 450m, 4-6h): This stunning hike ends at the pass with beautiful views. What makes it even better, however, is the route can be extended for experienced hikers to Snow Peak – an absolute wonder.

#2. Chester Lake (9.3km, 320m, 1.5-3h): This is a top-ranked hike because it’s perfect for the whole family during summer, autumn and winter. In autumn, it’s especially wonderful, with the stunning colors of the native larches. In winter, the route is also accessible – with the potential for hiking and snowshoeing.

#3. Kings Creek Ridge (7.8km, 740m, 4-5.5h): This unmaintained hike is one of the most challenging, featuring a deceptively difficult rise in elevation up a steep path. The payoff? Access to the ridge with exquisite views of the nearby mountains and lakes – a great day out indeed.

#4. Buller Pass (13km, 685m, 5-7h): This is another great intermediate hike with impressive views. If you’ve got the energy, it can also be extended over to Guinn’s Pass or Ribbon Lake, both worthy of the trek.

#5. Upper Kananaskis Lake (16.5km, 295m, 4-5.5h): A perfect hike in shoulder season, this route is also great for intermediates. It features spectacular views, varied terrain and limited elevation gain.

#6. Wasootch Ridge (11.7km, 750m, 5-6h): The Kananaskis regions boasts some excellent ridge walks, and this is absolutely on the list. The Wasootch Ride is also one of the closest hikes to Calgary, and although the unofficial trail is steep, the views are amongst our favorites.

#7. Centennial Pass and Mount Allan (26km, 1,500m, 7-9h): This hike makes for a long day, with a lot of elevation. But with such diversity and spectacular views, you may not even notice.

#8. Ha Ling and Miners Peak (5.25km, 885m, 3-5h): Overlooking the town of Canmore, this route is a steep and quick way to reach the summit. Most people only head to Ha Ling, however Miners Peak is arguably even more stunning.

#9. Grassi Lakes Circuit (4km, 185m, 1-2h): Another family favorite, close to Canmore, and great for a little hiker’s first day out. Additionally, the main route is suitable for a stroller.

#10. Bow River Trail (Up to 13.5km, 60m, 1-4h): This trail along the Bow River in Canmore is a family favorite. It’s mostly paved, so you can ride your bike or push a stroller.

Burstall Pass

01. Burstall Pass

  • Difficulty
  • 15km
  • 450m
  • 4-6h

Chester Lake

02. Chester Lake

  • Difficulty
  • 9.3km
  • 320m
  • 1.5-3h

King Creek Ridge

03. King Creek Ridge

  • Difficulty
  • 7.8km
  • 740m
  • 4-5.5h

Buller Pass

04. Buller Pass

  • Difficulty
  • 13km
  • 685m
  • 5-7h

Upper Kananaskis Lake

05. Upper Kananaskis Lake

  • Difficulty
  • 16.5km
  • 295m
  • 4-5.5h

Wasootch Ridge


  • Difficulty
  • 11.65km
  • 753m
  • 4-6h

07. Centennial Pass and Mount Allan Summit

07. Centennial Pass and Mount Allan Summit

  • Difficulty
  • 16km
  • 1500m
  • 7-9h

08. Ha Ling, Miners Peak and the Three Humps

08. Ha Ling, Miners Peak and the Three Humps

  • Difficulty
  • 5.25km
  • 885m
  • 3-5h

09. Grassi Lakes Circuit

09. Grassi Lakes Circuit

  • Difficulty
  • 4km
  • 185m
  • 1-2h

10. Bow River Trail

10. Bow River Trail

  • Difficulty
  • 13.5km
  • 60m
  • 1-4h

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees

– Henry David Thoreau