Francesco was born in Naples, Italy. Since he was a child, he’s always been in a nature lover, preferring a walk in the woods rather then playing football.

Growing up as a dreamer, literally devouring with eyes Tolkien’s books on the Middle Earth and books based on true adventure stories like Into the Wild, Endurance and so many other, he started in his adolescence to feel the urge to pass more and more time in the nature, starting to hike the region where he lives, Campania, in the South of Italy.

Feeling that it wasn’t enough anymore, in 2013 he did a solo travel by bike from Naples to Trento, South to North Italy, describing it as one of the best experiences of his life. Then, falling in love with the Trentino Alto Adige region, in 2014 He did a backpacking travel around the Dolomites.

Having a degree at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts of Naples in Photography and Cinema, he actually works as a freelance photographer and videomaker.

He practice climbing and skydiving, always trying to live to the fullest.

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Karin C.

A doctor who in her free-time is an avid adventurer, enjoying hiking, mountain biking, trekking and travelling all over the world. Hiking has taken her on a regular basis to Canada and the USA as well as trips to Nepal, India, Europe and South America.

She has been fortunate to do many multi-day treks such as the Tour of Mont Blanc, The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt, The John Muir Train as well as trekking in the Mustang region of Nepal and to Annapurna base camp.

Next up for Karin is a summer in the Rockies, travelling through Oregon and Colorado before venturing up to the Canadian Rockies. From there it’s a month-long cycling trip throughout Spain and then back to India for a couple of months to soak up the atmosphere and history.


Kate H

For me an ideal day involves mountains, a challenging hike, blue skies (though I am realistic, I live in the UK!), stunning views, good friends, and the joy of being outside and active. This can only be topped with a bonfire on a deserted beach on a calm starry evening.

My favourite mountain is Loch Nagar. My favourite Loch is Loch Garten. My favourite beach is Oldshoremore Bay. My favourite island is the Isle of Arran. My favourite animal is the stag. My favourite activities are hiking, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, running, road-biking, open water swimming… really no need to pick just one! I have cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, I have completed the 3Peaks challenge and have hiked the West Highland Way.

I love to pack as much adventure into to my life as possible. I am a 10hikes contributor because I love the outdoors and am excited to share my top 10s with you!


Matthew C.

Matthew enjoys everything outdoors. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, each weekend was spent exploring the forests, waterways, and shorelines of the province, fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, rock hounding, or beachcombing. After a stopover in Ottawa where he obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry, he continued his westward migration, settling in Edmonton for a couple of years. Within days of arriving he made his way to the Rockies to reacquaint himself with the outdoors, hiking the popular Bald Hills and Cavell Meadows trails in Jasper, and became hooked on hiking in the Rockies. The four-hour drive to the mountains from Edmonton was a bit too long, however, and so he eventually found work in Calgary that would not only keep him close to the Rockies but also afford him the freedom to get outdoors on a frequent basis. Since that move in 2008 he has hiked, backpacked, or snowshoed over 300 trails in the Rockies and summited nearly 200 mountains.


Richard Campbell

Richard founded 10Adventures with a spark of inspiration and single wish. He asked himself, “Why—in this tech-first world—do hikers still need bulky guide books? Where is the app that works easily offline and looks good while doing it?” Without an answer, he made one:

Richard gained his love of the outdoors by spending summers hiking all over the world, including the Alps, Rockies, Himalayas, Andes and Pyrenees. This passion is the seed of his wish—to make it easier for people experience the most beautiful places on earth.

Prior to 10Adventures, Richard was the Chief Operating Officer of a successful consulting company that grew from 18 to over 450 staff and was named one of the 50 Best places to work in Canada for six straight years. Richard has also plied his skills at tech start-ups and NGO’s in Canada, UK and Argentina. He is an Alumni of Harvard Business School and London Business School, where he was a Sloan Fellow.

While using to plan your next outdoor trip, you might see Richard skiing in the backcountry, or road cycling; although, day to day Richard can be found adventuring with his wife and three boys in their backyard or the Rocky Mountains.

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Whitney V.

Calling Golden, CO home, Whitney’s working hours are split between a variety of jobs: owning a guiding business with her boyfriend, Golden Mountain Guides, marketing/race directing for a running company, coaching high school cross country and track & field, and freelance writing.

Her non-working hours are split literarily between the outdoors and traveling, which is where her blog, Racing & Wandering, was born. In her free time, she can usually found hiking, running, climbing, snowboarding or reading a good book.

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Zac is a Mechanical Engineer that works full time in Boulder Colorado. He moved his family from the concrete metropolis of Dallas Texas to the small mountain town of Nederland Colorado. He and his wife bought their dream home, an A-frame cabin in the heart of the Rocky Mountains minutes away from Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park.

When Zac is not at work you can find him doing one of the many outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running, snowboarding and hiking with his family and friends. Zac is known as the ‘Last General’ amongst close friends for his passionate pursuit for the outdoors. When it comes to planning an epic adventure, Zac will take control of the situation and navigate the group through all “3 types of fun”!

Zac is also passionate about photography as a way to encourage people out to experience the outdoors. He knows sometimes all it takes is one picture of someplace beautiful, to inspire your next trip or adventure.